Weekend Processing Manager (Trim Boss)

Job description
The Processing Manager is responsible for supervising the day-to-day trim work in accordance with standards set by the company. Provides direct support for all trim associates, including schedules, training, policy and procedure updates, and adherence to Standard Operating Procedures including managing and tracking trim. Responsible for highest possible standards of work in trim, maintaining facility compliance, and cleanliness in accordance with State regulations and company standards.
Principal Accountability

Oversees day to day operations in trim
Set up and manage daily tasks for trim staff
Manages proper bucketing, burping, curing, hydrating, and ideal moisture content at all stages
Maintains Data Tracking spreadsheets and SOP logs
Monitor & manage proper dry, cure, and trim room environmental conditions
Participates in staff recruitment, training, evaluations, reviews, and discipline
Responsible for assigned staff time-sheet approvals
Coordinates product treatment as needed
Accurately and consistently maintains the tracking of each Harvest Batch and movement via the internal tracking system. Ensuring all record keeping requirements are always met.
Oversees and tracks waste to document on the buck and trim log
Edit cure room and dry room inventory as necessary
Oversees daily trim room break down and clean up procedures are followed and documented as required
Open & close shifts based on department workflow
Allocate supplies and product to trimmers throughout workday
Track gram per hour statistics
Oversees trim quality and oversight of trimmer quality
Monitors trim to flower ratio
Track waste logs and compliant waste disposal
Ensures quality product meeting the standards set forth by the company


Trim Management: 2 years (Required)
Cure Management: 2 years (Required)
Knowledgeable in Metrc, Excel, ERP Software, Employee Timekeeping and Scheduling Platforms
Minimum of 21 years of age
Must pass background checks, including fingerprints and drug screening, per applicable requirements set forth under state statute.


Professional work history experience
Cultivation experience
High School Diploma or GED

$17.00/hr PLUS $1.50 per pound produced daily, no cap
Supplemental Pay:
Bonus pay
Commission pay
Trim Boss: 2 years (Preferred)

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