Job description
Trimmers harvest cannabis plants by cutting the flowers of the plants from their stems. The position might also be responsible for weighing, labeling and packaging the trimmed buds. Occasional pre-roll work may be required as well.
Previous trimming experience required
This is a full-time, temporary position
Job Duties:

Efficiently trims plant.
Responsible for accurately weighing and recording all wet trim weights.
Responsible for maintaining the organization and cleanliness of the Trimming & Packaging area while performing trimmings.
Occasionally required to trim off the stick.
Occasional making of pre-rolls.
Responsible for maintaining quality product.
Ensure daily compliance with policies and procedures including but not limited to; state compliance, security protocols, and access protocols.
Responsible for communicating known issues to the management team to ensure a smooth flow of operations within the company.
Complete side tasks and marijuana processing and packaging projects as needed.
Operate with integrity and honesty.

Job Qualifications:

High School diploma or General Education Diploma (GED).
OLCC Marijuana Handler's Permit.
Excellent computer, mathematic, language and reasoning skills.
Knowledge and familiarity with Cannabis.
Familiarity with warehouse procedures.
Works in a timely manner and strives to increase productivity.
Basic weights and measurement skills, ability to operate a scale.
Must be at least 21 years of age.
Ability to pass a comprehensive background check.

Physical Requirements:

Focus on a physical task for a long period of time without losing edge.
Extensive wrist movement is required.
Requires the ability to work at a rapid speed, twist, bend, push, pull, carry, stood, reach and grasp.
Manual dexterity sufficient to reach/handle items, work with fingers.
Exposed to heat and cold and internal temperature changes; exposed to outside working environments.
Ability to lift up to 50 pounds unaided on a regular basis.

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