Trimmer and Processor

Job description
Job Duties

Collect, prep and strategically trim flowers using highest quality standards
Be able to trim both wet and dry plants
Buck and weigh dried plants
Carefully observe product for mold, mildew or presence of pests
Identify different flower quality types while trimming (i.e. popcorn buds vs Top Shelf buds)
Follow sanitation guidelines
Follow in-house cannabis tracking guidelines
Identify strain nuances and differences in node growths
Roll and process pre-rolls
Label pre-roll, concentrate, tincture, extract, and edible packaging including primary, testing and amendment labels
Fill labeled containers to the volume/quantity indicated on package
Package complete product in retail ready boxes
Communicate with peers and supervisors
Clean work areas, including equipment and facilities
Other duties as assigned

Required Skills

Knowledge of trimming cannabis plants
Possess active listening and ability to take direction.
Possess organizational and time management skills.
Ability to effectively communicate with management and peers.
Ability to use hand tools such as, scissors, trays and molds.
Physical requirement to use hand tools and sit for extended periods, as well as lift up to 30lbs.
Must posses current and valid OLCC worker permit.

relevant: 1 year (Preferred)

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