Retail Sales Floor Manager

The Floor Manager is an experienced position that is expected to lead the sales staff on the floor. They are to assist the general retail managers in their day to day evaluation and operation of the retail store front. They will share their superior knowledge of cannabis products with the staff and customers, ensuring that industry compliance standards are met throughout the sales process. They will also be responsible for training new staff members and in demonstrating new procedures to all staff members. Detail oriented, the floor manager is meticulous in their duties which also include daily and weekly reports to upper management. Required Skills: Leadership – ability to lead other team members on the floor through direction and as example Problem Solver Superior Product Knowledge – maintain in-depth knowledge of all products in store and to strive to learn about and pass on information to other staff Exceptional Customer Service – must be able to handle returns and exchanges, win over customers and be an example to all staff members how to interact with customers Professionalism Detailed Oriented Communication Personable Responsible


Provides daily reports to upper management about the day to day operations. Leads sales floor staff/shift leaders/drivers - must guide and direct staff on the floor to the efficient management of the retail storefront. Ensures sales promotions are working properly and staff is made aware. When we do promotions to prioritize those sales and assist staff in pushing those products. Ensures supplies and products are reported for reordering when at low levels to maintain a constant flow of high demand products and to help designate which are not. Direct small staff meetings during downtime to motivate and point out things to staff. Also to address and direct shift lead to resolve issues as they arise. Participates in meetings with upper management, to develop and suggests solutions to issues on the floor and in other areas. Client/Customer Relations – to maintain the established well working relationship we have with our current clientele and to develop new ones. Working in partnership with Management in achieving goals such as Special Projects and Responsibilities that are assigned.

Physical Requirements

No description provided.

Working Environment

Potential Schedule: Holidays, Sunday-Saturday, 5 days a week

Work Location: One location

Hours per week: 30-40

Paid Training: Yes

Work Remotely: No

Pay: DOE

Benefits: Employee discount

Schedule: 8 hour shift

Supplemental Pay: Tips


  • 3 + years in a supervisory or management role in a retail storefront

  • Ability to multitask and work in a fast paced environment

  • Strong math skills, ability to count confidentially

  • Adept communication abilities, able to communicate effectively and efficiently


High school or equivalent (Required) Undergraduate degree (preferred but not required) Experience:

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