Production Floater

Job description
The Production Floater is meant to assist all departments of production. Helping to represent the mission and goals of Terrapin Care Station through attention to detail, efficiency, and care for quality products. They are responsible for packaging flower products, shake products, and assisting the trim crew with speed, quality, and accuracy. All employees are to adhere to Terrapin Care Station’s standards for packaging and harvesting and must meet industry compliance requirements. All production personnel are an important part of the seed-to-sale chain of production and act as the bridge from garden to store, ensuring delivery of the highest quality finished product Terrapin Care Station can provide.
There is a long list of tasks you may be asked to perform on the job, but a qualified candidate will possess these skills:

Label Bottles: Should be able to retain knowledge of label types and understand the components of compliance surrounding packaging and labeling; and apply labels to products as outlined in the standard bottling procedure
Weights and Measures: Should thoroughly understand operation and routine maintenance of single load cell and combination scales.
Machine operation: Should be able to learn to operate the automated filling machine for flower and joints. Ability to operate with a sense of urgency, work efficiently and accurately to ensure that all products are filled and packaged correctly is essential.
Maintain Inventory: Should be able to maintain accurate counts of prepared product, as well as back-stock and inventory to be moved to retail locations.
Take Direction: Floaters report to the Production and Packaging Managers first and foremost; then the Shake Production Supervisor and Trim Manager (respectively) and whoever is in charge of the daily operations may assign tasks as needed.
Wet Plant Harvest (“Pull and Hang”): Should be efficient both with “de-fanning” and “hanging” so that product can cure correctly.
Dry Plant Harvest: Should have experience in both dry trimming and de-boning and know the different techniques for the various strains harvested. A combination of speed and accuracy needed. Should be able to vary technique based on the needs of the store or management.
Strain Separation: Team members must be aware of what strain they are harvesting and must stay organized to ensure no product is mislabeled or misplaced.
Clean Work Space: All team members should help in keeping the work environment clean and always help clean before breaks or at the end of the day. There should never be open containers on trim tables.
Computer Literacy: Should be able to use a windows operating system including Microsoft Office, the POS system, and inventory software. Should have a knowledge of web-based menus and applications
Cannabis Knowledge: Should possess a willingness to learn strain genetics and morphology, as well as signs of disease or other quality issues.
Compliance Knowledge: Must be aware of all laws surrounding packaging and labeling compliance and medical or retail business operations
A Production Floater is one of the most important roles in the operation of the business because they are part of the first step and the final step in production of Terrapin Care Station’s product before it becomes available for sale. All team members should maintain a superior level of accuracy and should maintain patience, positivity, and productivity to the best of their ability with the idea that their actions and goals lead to the most efficient operation of the production department.


401(k) Matching
Dental Insurance
Employee Discount
Health Insurance
Paid Time Off
Vision Insurance


8 Hour Shift
Day Shift
Monday to Friday

MED Badge (Required)
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