Processor-Grow Packaging

Job description
The Processor is responsible for a variety of processing duties, including but not limited to trimming, packaging, curing, and farming that are assigned daily. The focus of the Processor is to meet daily productivity, quality, and compliance requirements. The Processor is expected to hand trim plants, correctly package product, and perform a variety of other duties in cure and farming as assigned. The Processor is expected to operate under the highest standards of compliance and professionalism.
Essential Duties
Procedures, Productivity, and Quality

Take instructions and follow direction as delegated by supervisors to meet daily and weekly, individual and team production and quality standards.
Maintain a clean and organized work environment.
Work in a timely manner and strives to increase productivity.
Maintain a culture of professionalism.


Confirm that each plant is tagged, and the tag has the appropriate information, and is marked with the designated trimmer number.
Follow standard operating procedures including but not limited to: methods of trimming, proper sequencing and tools, proper handling of plants, product, and waste materials.


Calibrate scales to company standards to ensure correct measurements of product.
Proper use and understanding of scales and measurements.
Proper placement of labels for tracking and compliance, and ingredient labels.
Clean and proper packaging of all product.
Count and organize product to prepare for shipment.


Prepare, load, and trellis tables.
Position and manicure plants.
Transport plants.


Monitor product for moisture levels and rate of drying.
Rotate and adjust rooms based on moisture levels and rate of drying.
Maintain and clean equipment, supplies, and machinery.

Workspace and Material Maintenance

Ensure organization and cleanliness of immediate work station.
Ensure the organization and cleanliness of the Trim production area.
Contribute to daily, weekly, and periodic cleaning and general maintenance.
Perform regular cleaning and maintenance on work surfaces, tools, and related equipment (scissors,
table, floors etc.).

Quality Control and Data Entry

Performs basic quality control checks including measuring, weighing, package counts, and evaluating product or package appearance.
Accurately fill out all paperwork/spreadsheets.


Ensure that workflow and work procedures are followed.
Ensure data and processing integrity.
Ensure compliance with all Local, State, and Federal regulations.

Work Environment

Adhere to all work safety requirements including, but not limited to: lifting, bending, and move up and down ladders throughout shift.
Perform regular cleaning and maintenance on work surfaces, tools, and related equipment to ensure the garden is well maintained.
Ensure cleanliness of all areas in the garden.
Maintain a positive attitude that creates a positive work environment.
Keep doors closed when not in use.
Wear protective clothing when working with plants.
Before exiting the facility remove protective clothing and ensure that there is no cannabis on your personal clothing, shoes, or hair.

Other Duties
Other duties as assigned, including, but not limited to assisting other departments to help facilitate the additional and/or supplemental work such as harvesting, trimming, packaging, farm, cure, cleaning, and light maintenance as needed throughout the facility.
Works under the direct supervision of the Manager of Processing as assigned.
This person does not supervise others.
Job Qualifications
Work Experience

One and a half years of work experience in a related industry or work environment.
Experience working in a fast-paced production or warehouse environment preferred.
Demonstrated ability to consistently meet productivity and performance requirements.
Demonstrates high attention to detail.
Demonstrates professional and respectful demeanor towards others.
Demonstrates oral and communication capability.
Knowledge and background in trimming preferred.
Must be able to secure appropriate work credentials from the Colorado Department of Revenue, MED.

High School Diploma or equivalent required.
Proven success in the following job competencies

Time Management
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Productivity and Quality Results

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