Processing Department QC & Lead Technician

Job description
This position is an entry level position
within the Lightshade Cannabis Processing Department. QC
Technicians will be assigned tasks within various areas of the Processing
Department but focused on assisting with the quality control of wet and dry
product. Other tasks may include cannabis harvests, cannabis trimming, and
facility upkeep. Reports directly to the Quality Control and Analytics Manager.
Working from a range of small to large groups (5~20) of
staff to accomplish set goals
Station/equipment set Up
Quality control of wet and dry product
Clean and sanitize work area and equipment
Harvest (Machine and Hand)
Process (Machine and Hand)
Packaging (Machine and Hand)
Labeling and organization of products (Machine and Hand)
Updating production logs
Experience with identifying basic IPM issues in wet and dry
product. (At least one year preferred).
Microsoft and Google Doc Knowledge Preferred
Ability to stand or sit for extended
periods of time
Colorado MED Badge
Minimum requirement of high school diploma or GED
Must have reliable transportation – possibility of multiple
facilities to report to during the week
Ability to lift 50 lbs
Must be willing to work at least 40 hours per week, weekdays and
weekends (shifting schedule)
5 x 8 hour shifts that rotate with planting calendar (morning,
day, night shifts)

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