Laboratory Director

Job Summary The Laboratory Director is responsible for running the laboratory processes and procedures required for manufacturing cannabis concentrate products. The Laboratory Director is responsible for the administration, management, and training of all manufacturing functions and employees including the intake, biomass preparation, extraction, post processing, quality control, and packaging departments. The Laboratory Director ensures safe and efficient laboratory operations along with ensuring that all applicable rules and regulations and legal compliance is maintained.


  1. Laboratory Directives● Ensure all personnel follow SOPs● Communicates with ownership and other leadership to achieve production goals.● Coordinate with laboratory staff for overall execution of all work orders and incoming and outgoing deliveries.● Ensure adequate inventory for all product types requested by the sales department.● Manage laboratory employees and associated tasks including hiring, firing, interviewing, scheduling, and conflict resolution along with notification to HR and facility ownership as necessary. ● Assist with UCG on research and development projects as assigned. ● Monitors laboratory operations and all workstations to ensure efficient use of work areas and overall processes to maximize operational efficiency, safety, and maintains quality control standards in extraction products. ● Tracks, oversees, and manages laboratory consumable inventory and directs purchasing.● Responsible for the proper storage and disposal of chemicals and hazardous waste.● Supervision of training of all laboratory personnel. ● Supervises Biomass Lead, Extraction Lead, and Post Processing Lead to maintain overall laboratory and departmental goals.

Physical Requirements

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to:● Regularly sit or stand for long periods of time doing repetitive tasks with hands, pull/push, carry up to 25 pounds, and grasp.● Frequently walk, reach, and taste, or smell. ● Occasionally climb, stoop/crouch, crawl, carry up to 50 pounds, talk, or hear.● Clearly see 20+ feet, with or without corrective lenses and differentiate between colors (no color blindness).

Working Environment

While performing the essential duties/responsibilities of this job, the employee will be:● Noise Conditions: exposed during a shift to constant or intermittent moderate to loud noise levels.● Injury Exposure: occasionally exposed to workplace hazards or to potential injuries.● Atmospheric Exposures: exposed to dusts, fumes, vapors, or mists that could affect the occupational health of the employee.● Toxic Chemicals: may be exposed to some toxic or caustic chemicals.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must meet the minimum qualifications listed below. These qualifications are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required to perform this job. ● Must be 21 years old or older.● Two (2) years of management experience.● Cannabis extractions concepts and market knowledge is preferred.● Hydrocarbon extraction experience is preferred.


Bachelor’s in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, or related field.

About UCG Inc.

Union Cannabis Group (UCG Inc.; UCG) is a cannabis brand and product company that licenses its concentrate brand Dabstract in multiple states and internationally. UCG also offers design and installation services for cannabis extraction facilities, manufacturing process training, product formulation, and brand licensing. UCG clients including Washington’s leading cannabis producer, where UCG also designed and currently operates the largest processing facility in the State. Dabstract, a premier award -winning brand of recreational cannabis extracts, is a wholly -owned subsidiary of UCG.

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