Irrigation Lead

Job Description SUMMARY Assist Cultivation Management with all assigned irrigation activities including maintaining concentration tanks, R.O. Tanks, Batch Tanks, Silver Bullet, Eco Water R.O. skid, DI, pumps, meters, cultivation room irrigation manifolds, facility drains as well as cultivation room irrigation data (Leach, media pH/EC/VWC), tracking and documentation of processes.


Manage all aspects involved in producing high-quality plant material in a safe and efficient manner. Oversee irrigation practices to maintain the best practices. Be aware of biosecurity protocols as this position requires movement between cultivation rooms. Manage proper pump upkeep and maintenance. Manage proper meter calibrations to maintain the highest quality irrigation practices. Scheduling and application of irrigation based on a pre-determined formula. Scouting of assigned areas for media measurements of pH/EC/VWC/Temperature and reporting of findings. The position requires an understanding of the correlation of each measurement in respect to plant utilization or need. Ability to follow and apply irrigation applications from a pre-determined schedule.

Physical Requirements

Available to work 40+ hours per 7-day week Available to work Weekends when requested Able to lift 30Lbs

Working Environment

No description provided.


Be in possession or have the ability to obtain trainings from each vendor specific to our irrigation equipment. Alert Cultivation Manager of any plants that show poor health and formulate irrigation solutions to remediate. Responsible for safety procedures and adherence in area of responsibility. (M)SDS OSHA Train one or more Cultivation Agents/Leads as a backup or point of contact. Mentor and develop staff for professional and personal growth. Understand and adhere to all (MRA/LARA) regulations. Stay current with latest grow solutions and technology. Maintain daily sanitation and organization in assigned areas.


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