IPM Assistant Manager

The Assistant IPM Manager is responsible for creation and implementation of IPM program tasks and assuring a pest and pathogen free environment is upheld. The position reports to the Cultivation Manager and works with that Manager and the Cultivation Director to implement best practices at both Fluresh locations. This position requires the ability to lead, train, and participate in all activities at a highly efficient rate to meet daily and weekly goals.


• Maintain knowledge of current Michigan laws, pesticide management practices, and approved ingredients • Maintain sanitary and bio-security practices • Manage IPM tasks and any issues that arise while following SOP guidelines and update SOPs as needed • Follow all tool sanitation practices and provide adequate levels of the tools and resources that cultivation techs need to complete tasks • Facilitate the organization of biological control agent (BCA) usage based on production schedules • Crop scout and monitor efficiency of BCA control methods • Manage applications of foliar and other additives or pesticides when necessary, wearing the proper PPE • Record and track data providing weekly reports on plant metrics • Manage crop pressure at acceptable levels and uphold all scheduled production dates • Assist with collection of plant tissue samples for lab analysis • Work in a timely manner and strive to increase productivity through effective IPM • Ensure a safe work environment by ensuring all team members receive training on standard operating procedures and follow all PPE requirements • Maintain open communication with management and other team members • Other duties as assigned, including plant maintenance, transplanting etc.

Physical Requirements

No description provided.

Working Environment

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• 1-3 years’ experience as a cannabis leader in a 75,000 sq. ft. or larger facility • Knowledge of plant strains, plant structure, and plant health • Knowledge of uses and benefits of cannabinoids • Knowledge of approved PPE equipment for individual chemicals • Experience directing and monitoring the performance of teams of employees. • Attention to detail • Ability to communicate clearly and accurately • Computer skills: Microsoft Office


• Must be 21 years old. High school diploma required; Bachelor's degree in Horticulture or Entomology is strongly preferred

About Fluresh

Fluresh is a modern wellness company dedicated to empowering patients to confidently improve their well-being through cannabis. Our goal is to provide the Michigan marketplace with a growing portfolio of high-quality, branded cannabis products that are safe, reliable and trustworthy. Fluresh has two state-of-the-art integrated operations in Adrian and Grand Rapids, Michigan, to grow, harvest, process, provision and package the highest quality premium medical cannabis product to allow patients to make the right choice with trust, dependability, consistency, and care.

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