Inventory and Shipping Assistant for Cannabis Nursery

This position is in the greenhouse of a licensed cannabis nursery in Northern California. MUST BE 21 YEARS OR OLDER TO APPLY. Bump in pay after 30 day review period! 9 Days/year at Holiday Pay Rate! Company Swag Bonus 2+ times per year! Daily compensation for carpooling or taking lunch break on site! Busy, yet fun work environment! Applicants must be able to maintain a regular, consistent working schedule if hired. 1-2 years experience in working in shipping and/or delivery is preferred. STRONG ATTENTION TO DETAIL and HIGH LEVEL COMMUNICATION SKILLS ARE A MUST. SHIPPING ASSISTANT who will assist the inventory manager in preparing all orders for shipment. This entails sorting clones for quality control, building boxes, and loading vehicles.


Responsibilities of positions include, but are not limited to:Ensuring clones are watered, rooted, and aesthetically pleasing before shipmentFolding and labeling boxes the day prior to the order going outBoxing and loading orders in the delivery vehiclesHelping to sort through re -grows (clones that didn’t pass quality control initially)All re -grow success numbers will need to be recordedAttention to detail:Not mixing up different strains when sorting clonesPutting orders together in the correct delivery order when loading themCounting clones before boxing to make sure the correct number is going outDetermining which size boxes to use for clones based on heightFollowing all SOPs that we have in place for assigned tasksAbility to work independentlyOther assigned tasks as necessaryAbility to lift and carry 50+ lbs.

Physical Requirements

High movement and mobility position, lifting and bending. Must be able to lift 10 -25 lbs.Sustain in a warm temperature environment with high humidity levels.

Working Environment

Fast paced and active work environment with a friendly crew!COVID -19 considerations:Our business follows strict COVID -19 guidelines as recommended by Humboldt County and the State of California. We are certified within Humboldt County to be open by following established COVID -19 prevention protocols.


Experience using METRC track and trace system is appreciated.


No description provided.

About Highline Nursery

Highline Nursery has 2 licensed cannabis nurseries located in Northern and Southern California. Combined, both nurseries produce up to 70,000 clones per week during our peak season. We provide a friendly, safe, and inviting work culture while striving for efficiency in our production of high quality clones. Join our team today!

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