Job description

Follow standard operating procedures (SOPs)
Implement good agricultural practices (GAPs) and follow all GMPs and Facility Rules
Keep good records and follow good documentation practices (GDPs)
Keep good records of all practices implemented and data collected as pertaining to Lead responsibilities
Assist in all plant care from clone to harvest, including automated and hand watering, cloning, propagation, transplanting, pruning, topping, defoliating, trellising, and harvesting.
Typical daily work tasks required include (but not limited to); pruning, transplanting/moving plants, harvesting, cloning, hand watering, cleaning, IPM tasks, inventory management, etc.
Monitoring of environmental conditions including, but not limited to, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, VPD, W/M2.
Gather EC, pH and volume data from the irrigation system in the grow rooms
Distribute biological control agents (BCAs) as needed

Apply foliar feeds and preventative and other sprays when directed - Scout rooms for pests/disease and document on proper forms - Operating and maintaining cultivation systems/equipment - Stocking of cultivation supplies as needed

Cleaning, sanitation, and setup of all grow areas
Calibration and cleaning of pH and EC meters
Maintain and ensure proper storage and sanitation of all tools and equipment, including but not limited to shop vacs, pumps, hoses, carts, scissors, stools, totes, gloves, rags, and PPE gear
Conduct trials to evaluate possible improvements to the crop
Perform regular audits as required
Perform any other job-related tasks assigned by management
Level 2 - Technician Backup Lead

Technician Backup Lead Responsibilities – Assists both the IPM and Irrigation Technicians as needed and covers all technician duties when either are out. The responsibilities and oversight within both IPM and Irrigation are at management discretion.

Ensure cultivation operation is fully compliant with state regulations and federal and state law.
Assure that all operations adhere to business and industry license requirements.
Maintaining strict inventory records of all plant materials, chemicals and equipment used in the grow and document production by completing forms, reports, logs and records as required.
Job requirements:
High school diploma or GED required
Must be at least 21 years of age
Pass a background check
Must have valid NYS license with reliable transportation
Must be able to work weekends and holidays as required

Job Skills and Abilities:

Excellent time-management skills
Ability to effectively plan and prioritize
Ability to maintain confidentiality
Ability to work with regulated material in a fast-paced environment
Ability to focus & attention to detail
Ability to communicate both verbally and written
Work with Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, and Outlook
Work with BioTrack THC and other inventory management software systems

Physical Requirements:

This position requires a great deal of sitting, walking, bending, and reaching
Must be able to stand for extended periods, lift objects on a regular basis, and perform daily repetitive tasks
Close visual focus required
This position requires the extended and repetitive use of arms, hands, and fingers to cut/manipulate small objects
Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 lb.

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