Fulfillment Lead

Job description
Fulfillment Lead executes company objectives by managing the daily fulfillment operations including: METRC/LeafLink/Internal databases, product vault management, batch data compilation, checks & balances, logistics administration, cash handling, executing database operations, coordinating delivery schedule, fielding calls from sales team and clientele and regulatory compliance that adheres to the regulations established by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.
Duties and Responsibilities

Completes fulfillment duties by assigning employees and providing oversight on work results and performance metrics.
Fulfillment Lead will ensure staff is always busy laboring in the facility and/or working on selected production tasks as directed by the leadership team.
Maintain and foster strong relationships with third party vendors (both buyers and suppliers) to ensure a high level of service and timely delivery.
Follows and completes the fulfillment plan by coordinating between the necessary departments and leadership team.
Follows and completes the production and sales plan by overseeing the order tracking process and ensures orders are fulfilled in accordance with Kind’s customer service standards.
Fulfillment Lead will manage fulfillment staff in accomplishing order logistics, establishing priorities, monitoring order progress and package quality controls, revising delivery schedules as needed, resolving problems, and reports the data to company production databases daily.
Manage the cash handling process within fulfillment depart through courier logistics and planning, cash counting, deposit transfers to leadership team, invoice tracking, and maintaining accurate real time cash logs.
Maintains fulfillment staff by training employees on KIND Therapeutics USA’s policies, procedures, and roles.
Provides input to strategic decisions that impact the functional areas of cultivation, post- production processing, and inventory storage.
Capable of resolving escalated issues arising from operations and correctly coordinating solutions across departments and managerial levels.
Fulfillment Lead will arrange the product transfer, package the product with laboratory tests, invoice(s), manifest(s), and any new business licenses.
Provides inventory and order fulfillment information by compiling, initiating, organizing, and reviewing production performance records and data sets, specifically the METRC seed-to-sale tracking system, invoices and receipts booked appropriately, as well as all company G Suite documents.
Fulfillment Lead will be available for fielding questions and responding to requests from the Leadership Team.
Upholds fulfillment job results by coaching and counseling the staff. The Fulfillment Lead will closely monitor and appraise all fulfillment team staff collectively and individually on job results.
Fulfillment Lead will update publicly displayed fulfillment metrics in real time and hold staff accountable to the objectives.
Fulfillment Lead is to closely track inventory of supplies necessary to complete all fulfilment duties through the production process; including but not limited to: tamper proof tape, boxes, bags, labels, personal protective and other fulfillment related equipment.
Notifies the leadership team of additional planning needs in advance of shipping orders, employee vacations, illnesses, and all other areas relating to fulfillment staffing.
Reports to the leadership team if potential bottlenecks in fulfillment production and/or forecasting arise.
Secures and accounts for all products from Packaged Vault to Client Reception stages of the process by implementing and abiding by KIND Therapeutics USA’s production schedule, security systems, and safety measures.
Fulfillment Lead is responsible for overseeing the quality of product within Packaged Vault to Client Reception processes and reports discrepancies to the leadership team.
Maintains professional and technical cannabis knowledge by attending workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing networks, and participating in professional societies.

Job Requirements

The candidate will have no felony convictions
Individuals applying must be a minimum twenty-one (21) years old
Must have a valid driver’s license or ID
1 to 2 years of experience in the cannabis industry working as a leader throughout fulfillment processes.
A State and Federal background check and pre-employment drug test.
Experience in METRC, G Suite, and intermediate-advanced computer systems.
Certain situations require that work is completed on weekends, afterhours, and holidays.


Excels in communication
Possess high level of integrity
Manager of people, product, and processes
Critical thinker; solutions oriented
Step by step focused professional
Organized data collector; ability to track data and trends
Ability to supervise workflow while working alongside staff
Ability to multitask in a fast paced work environment; calm and collected
Flexibility to pivot on tasks as directed
KPI results driven


Dental Insurance
Health Insurance
Paid Time Off
Parental Leave
Vision Insurance

COVID-19 considerations:
In an effort to keep our team safe, we are providing personal protective equipment, practicing social distancing and requiring preventative measures for anyone vacationing in known "hot spots".

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