Entry Level Cannabis Job

Ready to build your cannabis career? Meet Vangst GIGS - the easiest way to get cannabis industry experience. Vangst GIGS connects you with temporary cannabis opportunities in your area. Plus, you can rest assured knowing Vangst will provide you with accessible, trusted guidance through every step of the employment process - from pre-job prep through payroll. Whether you’re just getting started in the cannabis industry or looking to make some extra cash on your own schedule, Vangst GIGS is the place to start.


Vangst GIGS offers wide opportunity when it comes to plant-touching roles. Here are just a few of the opportunities you can expect to explore:

  • Trimming
  • Packaging
  • General Farm Labor (indoor and outdoor)
  • Joint Rolling
  • Budtending
  • Harvesting/Processing
  • Lab & Extraction Assistance
  • General Cultivation Assistance
  • Edibles Production Assistance

Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time
  • Manual hand dexterity
  • Must be comfortable working outdoors (where applicable)

Working Environment

  • Roles may be indoor, outdoor, or both
  • Flexible hours and a wide selection of plant-touching and retail-facing roles


Experience (not) required: While specific experience may be required for some GIGS roles, many opportunities are open to first-timers and those looking to get experience in a new type of role.

Professionalism: We hold our Vangsters to a high standard of professionalism. With hundreds of job seekers eager to join the cannabis industry every day, it’s important to make an impactful impression from day one.

Attendance: Maintaining a good attendance record at work is more than just refraining from calling out regularly. Proper attendance also means starting your job duties on time and staying on task throughout the day and completing duties efficiently.

Attitude: Your attitude towards your role is one of the most important factors when a client is deciding to hire a candidate permanently. Be sure to share your passion and show gratitude - you’re working in the coolest industry ever, after all!

Work Ethic: Many GIGS clients offer temp-to-hire opportunities, and will be on the lookout to see if you truly exemplify the desire to grow within their company and the industry as a whole. Strong commitment to the job goes a long way in securing competitive permanent spots.


  • Age 21+: For most roles except those roles dealing exclusively with hemp, GIGS workers are required to be 21+ years of age
  • Per state regulations, GIGS workers are required to possess the necessary credentials for working in a plant-touching role

About Vangst Recruiting

Vangst is here to help companies in Cannabis find their next unicorn. On this page, you'll find roles we're actively working to fill on behalf of those companies. For more information about Vangst, or to view roles we're hiring for internally, visit our Vangst profile: https://vangst.com/companies/vangst.

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