Cultivation Technician

Job description
Be Kind Production is a high-growth California cannabis company known for high quality craft cannabis products.
We are seeking individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the work they do and will help support the growth of our company. We are looking for candidates that will embrace the challenge of working in an ever-changing market. Great work ethic and flexibility are a must for this job.
Technicians are responsible for executing production plans in keeping with the Company’s operating procedures for indoor cannabis cultivation. Technicians carry out the day-to-day assignments and tasks of the cannabis production cycle. Company operates under the highest standards of compliance.

Works with VP of Cultivation to plan for growing activities that are consistent with planned production schedules.
Prepares space required for planned production.
Cloning: cutting, rooting, and transplanting; clone care, watering and feeding; clone monitoring and climate control; labeling; and inventory data input into state mandated electronic tracking system.
Monitors growing conditions and reviews changes in humidity, moisture and temperature and cultivation procedures to ensure conformance with quality control standards.
Inspects crop to ascertain conditions such as leaf texture, bloom size and the existence of pests or disease; removing substandard or diseased plants to maintain quality standards.
Plant monitoring and care during vegetative and flowering phase: trimming and staking; big leafing and pruning; plant care, watering and feeding; plant monitoring and climate control; pest and disease control; inventory data input.
Harvesting: cutting plants; trimming cut plants; removing flowering tops; weighing and inventory data input into the electronic inventory tracking system.
Curing: hanging and dry-racking flowers; monitoring curing process and climate control; labeling; weighing and inventory data input.
Preparation and packaging of all cannabis products will be needed during peak times, including extraction products.
Operating and maintaining cultivation systems/equipment: monitoring, calibrating, running, and maintaining lighting, irrigation, climate control and other cultivation systems; stocking and handling production inputs and supplies; sanitizing and cleaning growing areas, cultivation workspaces and tools.
Ensure daily compliance with policies and procedures including but not limited to, state compliance, security protocols, and access protocols.
Any other tasks assigned by Management


High School diploma or General Education Diploma (GED)
Knowledge in growing technologies, such as lights, irrigation, soil, nutrients, and more (minimum)
Ability to execute techniques consistently
Good documentation, inventory, and organization skills
Excellent verbal interpersonal communication skills to interact with team members
Basic weights and measurement skills, ability to operate a scale
Must be at least 21 years of age
Ability to pass a background check

Physical Requirements:

Focus on a physical task for a long period of time without losing edge
Ability to sit for long periods of time depending on your position and/or getting up and down through your work shift
Manual dexterity; enough to reach/handle items, work with fingers
Standing for extended periods is common
Hearing and vision within normal ranges is essential for normal conversations, to receive ordinary information and to prepare or inspect documents
Allergen warnings - Potential exposure to dust, pollen, and plant pathogens.
Exposure to cleaning solvents, such as high volumes of isopropyl alcohol.
Daily use of provided PPE
Comfortable working in confined spaces at times
Exposure to loud noises, including but not limited to air compressors, packaging equipment, and alarms.
Exposure to CO2 manufacturing procedures at OSHA approved CO2 levels
High stress tolerance, adaptable, ability to work in an ever-changing environment, flexible.

Be Kind Production is an equal opportunity employer.
Indoor Growing: 1 year (Preferred)

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