Cultivation Specialist

Job description
We are seeking a hard-working, self-motivated and accountable worker to join our cultivation team. A Cultivation Specialist is responsible for the assistance of the company’s overall cultivation for every stage of the plant’s life cycle. This encompasses everything from propagation to harvest through to drying and curing. Cultivation Specialists will report to the Head of Cultivation and will work alongside several other cultivation specialists.
Optimal applicants will have background knowledge in the cultivation of marijuana, and the understanding of the demands and flow of a large-scale commercial cultivation facility. However, we are willing to train and coach any individual who is passionate and willing to put forth their best effort.
· Properly execute all pertinent cultivation SOP’s
o Propagation
o Extensive defoliation
o Canopy Management
o Installation of trellis system
§ Continuous weaving back through trellis
o Transplanting
§ Mixing soil additives
o Carefully executing safe transportation of plants
o Feeding
o Integrative Pest Management
§ Preventative sprays
§ Crop inspections
o Cleaning
o Inventory Management
o Waste recording and disposal
o Proper harvesting and recording of plants
o Properly execute drying and curing of all product
· Continually develop an extensive and comprehensive knowledge base of cannabis cultivation
· Properly operate heavy and light horticultural equipment and machinery
· Continually track and record data on environmental factors
· Maintain a clean and organized work environment at all times
· Ensure all cultivation areas have required supplies
· Perform water, growing media, and solution sampling and testing procedures
· Thoroughly clean each flower room after harvest
o Vacuum and steam clean floors
o Vacuum and steam clean grow tables
o Steam clean walls
o Wipe down fans and lights
· Clean all cultivation areas including hallways ensuring a clean work environment daily
· Check that all equipment is functioning properly during and after each round
· Inventory Management
· Maintain accurate daily activity records and operation logs as directed using designated software
· Adhere to industry standards and waste disposal procedures set forth by regulatory standards of all cultivation supplies
· Aid in oversight of the completion of operations in a timely and efficient manner
· Effective collaboration with other staff members helping to provide an efficient and productive work environment
· Communicate respectfully and effectively with supervisors and employees
· Contribute to a team-oriented, fun, and challenging work environment
· Comply with all HR policies, including confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement
· Must be at least 21 years of age
· Based in Central Oregon
· Reliable form of transportation
· Must possess or have ability to receive OLCC worker permit
· At least 2 years of preferred cultivation experience
· Knowledge of cultivation systems with coco noir
· Knowledge of large-scale commercial cultivation, including nutrient requirements, mediums, light requirements, air flow, temperature control, etc.
· Knowledge of horticulture equipment and irrigation systems
· Capable of performing routine tasks and able to make equipment repairs or notify proper personnel when unable to
· Understanding of ideal environmental requirements
· Extensive knowledge of plant diseases, insects and fungi, as well as plant treatment options
· Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of cannabis cultivation
· In-depth knowledge of micronutrients, beneficial bacteria and nutrient implementation
· Experience in pruning and executing proper canopy management
· Willingness to develop comprehensive knowledge of cannabis cultivation
· Hard working
· Demonstrates accountability
· Proactive and self-motivated
· Strong attention to detail
· Ability to plan ahead, trouble-shoot, anticipate problems, and problem solve
· Ability to learn new technologies
· Able to follow directions and ask questions as needed

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