Cultivation Manager

Department: Cultivation Reports to: Cultivation Area Manager Pay Rate: $45,000 - $50,000 Position Summary: Responsible for managing all the work in a commercial production facility of up to 1,000 plants including but not limited to: cloning, transplanting, feeding plants, defoliation, low stress training, topping, foliar and preventative sprays, harvesting, trimming, drying and curing, packaging, waste disposal, and inventory management. Responsible for all METRC data entry and MED OPC/RMC compliance. Responsible for managing and leading the Cultivation team, writing daily schedules, conducting cultivation meetings, performance evaluations, and delegating tasks. Responsible for creating and updating the full harvest schedule. Company operates under the highest standards of professionalism. The holiday seasons (mid Nov- Jan 1st) as well as April 20th, July 4th and other national holidays are expected to be busy and staffing needs will require more staffing. This could lead to limited time off during these time frames.


-Perform all the tasks in the cultivation including: cloning, transplanting, feeding plants, defoliation, low stress training, topping, foliar and preventative sprays, harvesting, trimming, drying and curing, packaging, waste disposal and inventory management. -Manage cultivation warehouse working crew of 5+ employees. -Maintain METRC training(s) every quarter for all METRC data entry. -Maintain cultivation warehouse standard operating procedures and feeding regimens. -Manage plant scheduling and organization -Manage cloning with at least a 90% success rate. -Develop and execute preventative maintenance programs -Knowledge of soil cultivation methods, strains, plant diseases, insects, and fungi. -Researched in new techniques and insight to expand knowledge -Assist upper management and/or government auditors with inventory, sales, and compliance audits. -Responsible for cost and income analysis of operation

Attributes: -Control precision -Problem Sensitivity -Multi Limb Coordination -Manual Dexterity -Visual Color Discrimination -Depth Perception -Trustworthy -Hardworking -Must have strong accountability, proactive behavior and strong attention to detail.

Physical Requirements

-Physical aptitude and health necessary to perform manual labor tasks required for the proper management of cultivation warehouses. -Must be able to lift over 75lbs. regularly. -You are at least 21 years of age. -You have no felony convictions. -You are willing to participate in an extensive background security check.

Working Environment

No description provided.


-Management of a commercial cultivation operation for more than 2+ years. -Knowledge of large scale commercial plant cultivation including organics, probiotics, nutrient requirements, mediums, light requirements, temperature control, air flow, etc. -Knowledge of plant diseases, insects, and fungi, as well as plant treatment options. Advanced knowledge of the cannabis plant and genetics. -Must be able to provide a resume, pictures, and portfolio at an interview.


-Attend Responsible Vendor class every 2 years, completing the test with 70% or better bi-yearly. -Complete the Smokey's/Trinidad Gardens Compliance Competency Quiz with a 100%. -Bachelor's Degree or better in applicable plant related sciences

About Trinidad Gardens

Our Mission:

Trinidad Gardens aims to be a leader in the cannabis space, championing our community, our environment, and our people in all things that we do.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where the cannabis industry plays a major role in advancing science, environmentalism, responsible social adult use, and alternative healthcare options for all.

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We value diversity in beliefs and lifestyles. We believe in a welcoming environment for all regardless of path or journey. We believe in making the world a better place for all.

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