Cultivation Manager

The Cultivation Manager leads and over sees operations throughout all cultivation and post-harvest departments. Provides guidance and direction to Cultivation, Post-Harvest and Trim staff. Provides clear direction and guidance to instill a culture of accountability and productivity. This position is responsible for planning man power and utilizing team skill sets where best suited. Further duties include data collection, report creation and presentation. Participates in developing and implementing rules, regulations, policies and procedures to advance the company’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. Works directly with the Director of Plant Operations Manager for assistance with purchasing, equipment maintenance, facilities maintenance, safety, and any trim and post-harvest updates. Manages operating costs to ensure profitability


Genetic Stock (Mom room) Department: • Coordinate with mom room cultivator to create strain selection schedules. (future production timeline) o Mother rotation schedules o Clone/propagation schedules o Flower Schedules • Daily environment checks • Verify healthy genetic stock • Confirm successful propagation of future rooms Vegetative Department: • Verify plant creation and proper plant quantity to match flower schedule. • Confirm that environmental checklist and plant maintenance matches protocol guidelines. Flower Department: • Daily verification of basic environmental and equipment checklist. • Daily check that plant maintenance (pruning, defoliating, tie downs, etc.) matches the proper timeline and guidelines outlined in the flower stage protocol. • Monitor and ensure proper EC steering • Verify flower development corresponds with week/stage Integrated Pest Management: • Coordinate with IPM specialist to identify pests and make decisions on control practices. o Manage environmental settings. o Plan scouting o Biological pesticide product selection, rate and frequency of application. Harvest &Trim: (Works directly with the Director of Plant Operations Manager) • Coordinate with Trim Manager and his crew to plan each harvest and set weekly goals. • Oversee trim progress to verify harvest timeline is on track. • Quality check on flower and trim.

Dry & Cure: (Works directly with the Inventory Manager) • Inform dry/cure employees on harvest batch expectations. • Verify execution of rack rotation, vault burping, all measurements (environmental readings, flower weights) and signed paperwork. • Oversee collection of harvest data and report building. Facilities: (Works directly with the Trim/Facilities Manager) • Daily equipment checks o Air conditioning – Contact HVAC if needed o Reverse Osmosis System o Irrigation equipment o Lighting and electrical – Call electrician if needed Purchasing: (Works directly with the Director of Plant Operations) • Daily/weekly/monthly necessities (ex. Coco, fertilizer, CO2) • Upgrades- new equipment and tools needed for development (ex. Humidifiers)

Physical Requirements

No description provided.

Working Environment

Indoor Grow Facility


EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s Degree in Horticulture preferred.
• Experience in a cannabis production environment is required. Prefer 3-4 years of experience. • Manage, maintain and grow positive vendor relationships. • Previous experience managing people, creating schedules, working in Excel spreadsheets (including creating detailed reports for multiple departments) and experience with MJ Freeway. • Proven ability to lead a team of passionate, trained individuals. • Willingness to work, learn and appreciate the complexities of the cannabis industry. • Must be 21 years of age, have a valid state driver’s license and have No Felony convictions.


No description provided.

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