Cannabis Nursery Quality Control Technician

This position is in the greenhouse of a licensed cannabis nursery in Northern California. MUST BE 21 YEARS OR OLDER TO APPLY. Bump in pay after 30 day review period! 9 Days/year at Holiday Pay Rate! Company Swag Bonus 2+ times per year! Daily compensation for carpooling or taking lunch break on site! Busy, yet fun work environment! QUALITY CONTROL Inventory Sorting Technician who will be a part of our quality control team that will work through our cut clone inventory to inspect for health, roots, pests, or disease. All of the clones shipped from our nursery are hand sorted. This is a fast paced job. The goal of this position is to properly get orders prepared to leave the facility, ensure that pre-orders are adequately filled, and prepare inventory to Kamino, LLC standards in preparation to leave the facility.


Applicants must be able to maintain a regular, consistent working schedule if hired. 1 -2 years experience in working closely with plants in a nursery setting or in quality control is preferred. STRONG ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS A MUST.Responsibilities of positions include, but are not limited to: -Sort through the cut clone inventory to determine what clones will thrive and go into inventory to be sold. Properly either re -tray or dispose of the unhealthy clones. -Properly prepare clones to be sent out in orders. -Communicate with the clone care technician and operations manager any suspicions of pest infestation or disease. -Keep inventory organized by date and strain. -Communication with operations manager, inventory manager, and clone -care technician about the health of the clones. -Maintain overall cleanliness of the workstation using proper sanitation protocol. -Follow all SOPs correctly. -Acts as a backup order prep person for outgoing orders. -Other assigned tasks as needed. -Strong attention to detail with high speed efficiency throughout work tasks

Physical Requirements

Must be able to complete work that is repetitive. Must be able to lift 10 -25 lbs.Sustain in a warm temperature environment with high humidity levels.

Working Environment

Friendly, fast paced environment!COVID -19 considerations:Our business follows strict COVID -19 guidelines as recommended by Humboldt County and the State of California. We are certified within Humboldt County to be open by following established COVID -19 prevention protocols.


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About Highline Nursery

Highline Nursery has 2 licensed cannabis nurseries located in Northern and Southern California. Combined, both nurseries produce up to 70,000 clones per week during our peak season. We provide a friendly, safe, and inviting work culture while striving for efficiency in our production of high quality clones. Join our team today!

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