Assistant Cultivation Manager- Cannabis

Company: Fluresh is a premium, vertically integrated cannabis company obsessed with quality and wellness. We believe that each individual connection between a customer and cannabis is unique, dynamic and matchless. Our goal is to provide the Michigan marketplace with a growing portfolio of high-quality, branded cannabis products that are safe, reliable and trustworthy by combining our customer-first focus with deep industry knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities. Position Summary: The Assistant Cultivation Manager for our Adrian, Michigan facility will be responsible for supporting the Cultivation Manager in developing, implementing and managing 60,000 sq. ft. of grow. The incumbent will be responsible for daily operations in cultivation including processes and procedures within propagation, vegetation, flowering, and the harvest phases. The Assistant Cultivation Manager will lead and manage employees, ensuring that the Company is in full compliance with all state and local regulations, production needs are met, and any procedural problems are addressed and resolved. Cultivation ● In support of the Cultivation Manager and General Manager, work to establish production goals and ensure that they are met. ● Implement and adhere to cultivation schedules by consulting vegetative plant inventories daily to ensure that sufficient numbers of healthy plants are being prepared for the flower process. ● Enforce adherence to fertilization, irrigation, and feed schedules developed by operations leadership. ● Ensure the needs of the plants are being met regarding illumination, irrigation, nutrients, pruning and plant maintenance, and pest and disease control. ● Oversee proper techniques related to cultivation, including but not limited to; transplanting, pruning, defoliating, watering and feeding, and harvesting. ● Manage plant germination and propagation through cloning efforts. ● Schedule harvest of plants based on cultivation schedule and plant maturation. ● Oversee the harvesting, drying, and curing of medical marijuana. ● Ensure that product leaving the facility does so in a manner compliant with all relevant regulations and meets all standards established by the state of Michigan. ● Ensure proper labeling, tagging, and traceability of plants, including plant counts, both physically and in METRC, and correcting plant inventory discrepancies immediately. Key Relationships: ● Quality Control ● Inventory Control ● Processing ● Purchasing ● Supply Chain Management ● Security


Growing Procedures ● In support of the Cultivation Manager, develop and update SOPs for cultivation and post-harvest processes, enforcing strict adherence throughout the facility. ● Develop informational tools to monitor production and all factors that influence production on a batch-by-batch basis, as well as a room-by-room basis. ● Develop and implement nutritional regimens and IPM systems. ● Perform regular quality assurance checks of plants and post-harvest plant materials. ● Update SOPs in identifying and addressing plant-specific issues, environmental issues and climate control, and coordinating the harvesting of plants. ● Assist with calculating production yields and determining areas of improvement for each harvest. ● Facilitate and oversee inspections, whether initiated internally or through a governing entity, using inventory and compliance audits. ● Conduct investigations when necessary if inventory does not match production and transfer records, or if standard operating procedures (SOPs) for cultivation and post-harvest processes are not followed. ● Monitor stock of cultivation and post-harvest supplies and equipment, and work with the METRC, Inventory, and Purchasing Manager to order replacement supplies and equipment when necessary. Reporting ● Prepare and present reports for internal and external stakeholders. ● Create reports summarizing harvest yields and the conditions that affect yield in a positive or negative way. ● Ensure accuracy of inventory through analysis of inventory reports. ● Assist with preparation of operating budgets as required. ● Oversee tracking compliance in METRC for plants and harvested materials.

Facilities Management ● Ensure the facility is maintained in a clean and orderly manner at all times. ● Monitor all environmental systems in the grow facility in Adrian. ● Maintain functionality of equipment and facility, making minor repairs as needed and spearheading larger repairs and equipment replacement.

Personnel Management/Training ● Supervise and coordinate Cultivation Technicians, ensuring proper scheduling of staff with adequate coverage to address cultivation needs. ● Manage the performance of cultivation and post-harvest employees and technicians, conducting regular employee performance evaluations on an annual basis. ● Coordinate harvest times ensuring harvests are adequately staffed. ● Track and report the efficiency of cultivation and post-harvest staff, developing and implementing methods to improve efficiency when possible. ● Perform employee trainings for Cultivation Technicians at the time of on-boarding and anytime that a procedure is adjusted or implemented. ● Recommend adjustments in team structure to improve efficiency and profitability.

Supervisory Responsibilities: ● Assistant Cultivation Manager, Cultivation Supervisors, and Cultivation Technicians

Physical Requirements

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Working Environment

Our Culture: It’s our privilege at Fluresh to do what we love, and we take our mission to deliver the highest-quality cannabis products seriously. We believe in being incredible partners to everyone around us. This requires: ● Follow-through and responsiveness ● Resourcefulness ● Team player ● Good listener and learner ● Flexible ● Respectful ● Can-do, positive attitude ● A strong sense of personal responsibility


No description provided.


Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: ● High school diploma required. ● Bachelor's degree in Horticulture or other relevant field strongly preferred. ● 3+ years experience as a cultivator in a large-scale cannabis or horticultural operation – 75,000 sq. ft. or more. ● In-depth knowledge of plant strains, plant structure, and plant health. ● Knowledge of uses and benefits of cannabinoids. ● Knowledge of relevant regulations is a plus. ● Acute attention to detail. ● Experience directing and monitoring the performance of teams of employees. ● Ability to communicate clearly and accurately. ● Computer skills: Microsoft Office. ● A combination of the above shall also be considered.

About Fluresh

Fluresh is a modern wellness company dedicated to empowering patients to confidently improve their well-being through cannabis. Our goal is to provide the Michigan marketplace with a growing portfolio of high-quality, branded cannabis products that are safe, reliable and trustworthy. Fluresh has two state-of-the-art integrated operations in Adrian and Grand Rapids, Michigan, to grow, harvest, process, provision and package the highest quality premium medical cannabis product to allow patients to make the right choice with trust, dependability, consistency, and care.

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