Assistant Cook

The Assistant Cook is responsible for cooking candy through various cooking techniques and processes. They are expected to have a firm understanding of chemical principals that are being applied during cooking. They are also expected to record essential processing information during production and report the information electronically on each batch that is processed. Making hands on decisions will surround the following principles: Safety, Quality, Delivery and Productivity.


  1. Perform various production procedures.
  • Cooking Gummies
  • Cooking Chocolate
  • Infusing Candy
  1. Record and report various production data onto physical batch records, and transfer data into electronic logs and tracking software (ERP & Track and Trace).
  2. Record and report any production, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and calibration operations performed in equipment logbooks.
  3. Report any variation or deviation from expected values for process times, yields, and any other defined product characteristics throughout the production process to management.
  4. Assist in proposing changes to documentation or production processes to improve Safety, Quality and Efficiency
  5. Enforcing the company Employee Hygiene Policy for working in a food manufacturing facility.
  6. Assist in the disposal of all waste materials.
  7. Maintain safe, clean and sanitized work environment
  8. Assist when other tasks need to be completed
  9. Maintain clean department & other areas, as requested
  10. Ability to utilize computer software programs
  11. Follow instructions and guidance from Head Cook with attention to detail
  12. Other duties as assigned

Physical Requirements

  1. Lift up 35 lbs. without assistance
  2. Stand or sit for extended periods of time

Working Environment

Indoor edibles production facility.


  1. Ideally has at least 1 year of experience in a professional cannabis kitchen production environment.
  2. Has precursory knowledge in the operation of cannabis kitchen production equipment.
  3. Has basic knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within the cooking industry
  4. Has experience following instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform critical job functions.
  5. Previous Experience is not required, but is greatly appreciated


Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent.

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