Windship Trading Co.

Windship Trading Co.

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Established in central Texas in 2010, and with humble beginnings, Windship Trading has become one of the leading international distributors and wholesale operations for the smoke/vape shop and cannabis industries. Windship Trading has become recognized and known for its exemplary service to thousands of smoke shop retailers, sub-distributors, eCommerce retail companies, and, most recently, legal cannabis dispensaries – and, we continue to grow in strength, industry presence, and reputation, as well employee count.

The company and operation continues to grow in size, scope, and success. After partnering with B.O.B. Headquarters Inc. in Canada, under the parent company ‘humble+fume’ in 2017, we have rapidly expanded beyond our headquarters in San Marcos, Texas, and reach across North America to form a distribution powerhouse and wholesale network, with active operations across the United States in California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Texas.

As we continue to grow as the Employer- and Company-of-Choice, we welcome talent, passion, and ingenuity.

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